Our Services

Voice Sessions

Explore the healing power of guided music mindfulness sessions for individuals or groups. Break free with artistically arranged and scientifically engineered sessions that combine music with guided evidence-based exercises and narratives to allow you to break free from anxiety and be your best. Sessions include guided meditations, narrative medicine, affirmations, and mantras to improve focus confidence and motivation


Music Sessions

Carefully-crafted music using evidence-based soundscapes to help you achieve focus, confidence, and motivation. Enjoy the therapeutic and liberating effects of immersing yourself in our music mindfulness sessions. Explore the healing power of live music for individuals or groups

Learn about scheduling a live music session here.

Therapeutic Music Playlists

Customized music playlists for individuals or group experiences informed by your therapeutic intentions, musical experiences and preferences. Move beyond enveloping mental constraints and resonate with purposefully arranged and scientifically grounded music streams engineered to help you succeed.


Individual Coaching

A customized program that uses evidence based tools to help you move past anxiety, cope with high stress and achieve optimal results at home and in the workplace. A unique integrative approach that will assist you in making fundamental life changes and restoring relationships.

Currently offered for a limited number of individuals.

Group Facilitation/Team Facilitation

Explore the power of group integration for individual health and wellness. We work with teams and groups to generate synchrony, improve team dynamics, and enhance social function. We work with groups of adolescents to build collective focus, confidence, and motivation