Our Mission

We are at a turning point in our collective health. There is an increase in BOTH our mental health needs as well as creative ideas for better solutions. Inspired by the work of psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and musicians, mefreely was founded to help you overcome stress and trauma and begin a journey to mental freedom, personal power and success at home, school, work, and play. We are a health ecosystem offering integrated approaches, scientifically designed to help you navigate high stress environments. We use a platform designed to enhance 3 key areas:

Focus - enhanced awareness and control of your attention

Confidence - knowing and being who you are

Motivation- energy and will to behave with intention


At MeFreely, we believe in the power of focus, confidence, and motivation. Our mission is to provide tools and resources that enhance these elements. We offer a variety of services specifically for BIPOC individuals by BIPOC creators. These sessions are thoughtfully curated to provide a unique and enlightening experience.